Backup the Important List

My wife would say that clothes and body language say a lot about a person. I say that if you really want to know what says a lot about a person, it’s their personal computer.

What does your PC say about you? Before I ever touch a computer, I ask the all important question. . . “Do you have any important files that I should be aware of - that need to be backed up, before I begin?”

Some (without hesitation) are able to recall their “important list” off of the top of their head. Others immediately get on the phone and ask their spouse, “What’s important to us, honey?”. . . In those instances the phone is handed directly to me, and the spouse on the phone will tell me things such as, movies, pictures, videos, music, documents, family recipes, etc. What it boils down to is that if you have taken the time to hit the “SAVE” button on your computer, it is important and you want to have it readily accessible.

Backing up your computer is important. Sometimes things just go wrong. It is better to do this as a precautionary measure, so that if the worst happens, you still have your “important list” information. Data recovery is not always guaranteed. Some files and hard drive sectors may be too far gone and can be expensive, sometimes even more than the price of a new computer.

Portable hard drives are a great way to backup your “important information”. Most home and small business computer files can be stored on a 500 gig drive with room to spare. I encourage you to price shop local stores and on the internet. Prices range from around $ 80-$150. These portables come with easy to use instructions. It's a cheap insurance policy for your “important information.”

Tip of the Month: Back up your important information regularly. You hit the save button for a reason!

Paul dePingre’ is the owner of Computer Medic servicing Shreveport and Bossier City. He is a certified Microsoft and Cisco professional with background in Municipalities, Manufacturing and Healthcare IT environments.