Business Services

Below is a partial list of services available. Please contact us for more information about how we can meet your business computing needs!


Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008, MS Server 2016, MS Server 2019, MS SQL Server

Computer Medic has over 11 years experience in network management. We make upgrades, groups and group policies work for your small office.

MS Exchange Server Installation, Management and Backup or Upgrade

Computer Medic has installed and managed all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server in the Enterprise Environment. We can set up an Outlook web access server OWA so that you and your employees can get your email anywhere including your smart phone.

Linux/Unix Server Installation and Support


File and Printer Sharing

If you have two or more computers, they can share files. One printer can be connected to multiple computers. With this technology, no server is necessary.


Firewall Setup and Configuration

Computer Medic has experience with most leading industry firewalls. (Cisco PIX, Cisco ASA, CheckPoint and SonicWall to name a few). A firewall is more than virus protection or malware protection. People from the outside can compromise your servers and computers without one. Protect your files.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) Setup and Configuration

Do you want a secure connection between your home and office? With VPN technology, you can remotely connect to your business network from almost anywhere with an internet connection.

Point to Point VPN

If you have multiple office locations, this could be your solution. This allows a virtual connection through the internet at a lower cost than Frame Relay or Point to Point T1.


Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery is something that most people don’t want to talk about but it is needed on every network. Keep you data save. Let us create a custom solution for you.

Are you backing up? Are your backups good? Do you always have a recent backup of your data offsite? Computer Medic can help you answer these questions and more with a good backup plan. A good backup plan is central to Disaster Recovery planing. We offer traditional media backup plans as well as Offsite Backup plans.


Switch, Router and Firewall Management and Installation

Computer Medic has over 11 years of combined experience with Cisco, Extreme, and 3Com switching and routing equipment.

Wireless Network Setup

If cords and wires are giving you a headache, Computer Medic has your prescription. If you own two or more computers and want to share data between them, Computer Medic can connect them securely over an encrypted wireless signal. Hardware not included.

Traditional Wired Network

If you have a medium sized office with a cabled enviornment and need more cable drops or additions to your network Computer Medic can do this as well.